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"...Pretty...sweet and well trained—the trill is attractive, the leaps about the scale in her final aria impressive..."

John Yohalem
Parterre Box

"Lady Harriet winningly sung by soprano Elizabeth Treat..."

Meche Kroop
Voci di Meche

"...Excellent...Elizabeth Treat properly regal, but yet sinister as the Queen of the Night."

Rick Busciglio
NJ Theatre Examiner

"The Queen of the Night Elizabeth Treat captivated the audience as she instructed her daughter in this intimate performance."

Tierney Brown
K Street Magazine

"The Queen of the Night was given a strong and stunning performance by coloratura soprano Elizabeth Treat, whose singing of “The Wrath of Hell Within my Breast I Cherish” made indelible impact with her stratospheric high notes sung with clarity and ease."

Nino Pantano
Brooklyn Daily Eagle

"Beautiful, statuesque Elizabeth Treat was a sassy Susanna, with an unusual voice that melded stratospheric Queen-of-the-Night acuti onto a powerful, almost contralto bottom register."

Daniel Foley

"The Rosina of Elizabeth Treat was pert without being precious, using her bright, agile soprano with confident flair. She had fine chemistry both with her ardent suitor and with the charming Figaro."


"Elizabeth Treat was an accomplished Susanna...handling the high flying coloratura passages with ease."

Harry Forbes
Forbes on Film & Footlights

“Elizabeth Treat’s chambermaid, Adele, was vocally adept with all of the requisite coloratura and high notes firmly in place.”

John Hammel

"Elizabeth Treat...brought a great sense of musical style and thrilling technical singing to the role of Queen of the Night."

Bartholomeus-Henri Van de Velde, Conductor
Charlemagne Orchestra for Europe

"Elizabeth has everything one looks for in a soprano of her type - brilliant high notes, of course, complete assurance in coloratura, musical taste, dramatic sensitivity and striking good looks."

Fabrizio Melano
Stage Director, Metropolitan Opera

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